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network support company

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-04.126) The network support company provides 24 hour operations supporting the aviation brigade network. It provides signal elements designed to engineer, install, operate, maintain and defend the network. It extends defense information systems network services to the brigade and its subordinate elements and provides basic network management capabilities. During military operations, the company executes its technical mission under functional control of the brigade S-6 based upon brigade OPORDs or other directives. The S-6 directs actions and movement of signal elements in support of brigade operations. The network signal company commander maintains command authority over the company?s assigned operational platoons or attached elements. COMMON The mission of Army network support companies (NSC) is to integrate tactical, strategic and sustaining field communications, information processing and management systems into a seamless global information network that supports knowledge dominance on the battlefield. NSC’s also provide installation, operation, and maintenance of voice and data communication networks using a Joint Network Node (JNN).



Broader Terms:

Army Communications-Electronics Command
Army Signal Command
Aviation Support Battalion
communication and radio system
Signal Corps
US Army Signal Command

Related Terms:

Aviation support company
command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance ...
Joint Communications System
tactical communications

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