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Aviation Support Battalion

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-04.111) The Aviation Support Battalion (ASB) is the primary aviation logistics organization above aviation battalion. The ASB is organic to the aviation brigade and provides all logistics functions necessary to sustain the aviation brigade during full spectrum operations. It consists of four companies—the HSC, distribution company, NSC, and ASC. The ASB provides aviation and ground field maintenance, network communications, resupply, and medical support. The HSC provides medical support and conducts ground field maintenance and recovery. The distribution company functions as a SSA and distributes supplies to subordinate units of the aviation brigade. The NSC provides network and signal support to the aviation brigade headquarters. The ASC provides field level maintenance, to include intermediate level maintenance, and support for on aircraft and critical off-aircraft maintenance of UAS. The ASC also conducts BDAR and provides backup support to the aviation maintenance companies. The ASB distributes supply classes I, II, III, IV, V, VIII, and IX. It performs field maintenance and recovery (air and ground), and possesses the HSS assets to conduct force health protection Level I enhanced for the aviation brigade. The ASB carries logistics stocks that exceed the organic carrying capability of the aviation brigade battalions that are generally one DOS for most classes of supply except classes III (B) and IV where it is one combat load for the brigade. The ASB plans and coordinates for the aviation brigade's logistics requirements in coordination with the brigade S-4 during the brigade's MDMP.



Broader Terms:

aviation battalions
aviation unit maintenance

Narrower Terms:

Aviation support company
Headquarters and Support Company
network support company
support units

Related Terms:

brigade support area

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