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Joint Capability for Airborne Networking

Definition/Scope: (AFRL) Joint Capability for Airborne Networking (JCAN) presents a single IP-style interface to the rest of the Network-Centric Exploitation and Tracking (N-CET) node and routes traffic through other nodes to compensate for link-loss that often occurs in airborne networks. The JCAN manages the airborne network that optimizes delivery over one or more radios. It also performs queue management and prioritization. Working with JCAN, the 100X Joint Battle Infosphere (JBI) assigns a priority class to information based upon its type. In this way, for example, smaller high-priority messages may preempt or be sent simultaneously with larger messages.



Broader Terms:

communications network
Defense Communications Satellite System

Narrower Terms:

ultrahigh frequency

Related Terms:

Automated Digital Network System

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