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Fort Mccoy

Definition/Scope: Fort McCoy, named after MG Robert Bruce McCoy, is located near Sparta, WI. It was originally conceived as a field artillery training site. Fort McCoy has undergone several names changes starting from Camp Robinson/Camp Emory Upton to Camp Bruce Elisha McCoy (after MG McCoys father) in 1910. In 1919 the Camp was designated as Sparta Ordinance Depot with the Department of Agriculture as the custodial agent. The Camps primary purpose at that time was to store and ship explosive material. In Nov 1926 the Camp was designated as Camp McCoy after MG McCoy. It was also assigned to train artillery units once again. In addition to training military members, the Camp also served another purpose in 1933. That purpose was to act as a supply base for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) until 1939. The camp was placed into an inactive status in June 1947 with only the Reserve and National Guard units using it for training in the summer months. September 1950 saw it activated once again in order to serve as a training center for troops going to Korea. Once again, it was deactivated in February 1953 with the occasional Reserve and National Guard unit using for training. In July 1974, Camp McCoy was officially named as Fort McCoy with the designation as a FORSCOM installation.

Broader Terms:

First Army West
Mobilization Army Training Center
mobilization station

Narrower Terms:

4th Cavalry Brigade (Saber Brigade)

Related Terms:

Armed Forces Retirement Home
Army installations
Field Artillery
FORSCOM installations
military installation
mobilization station
National Guard
retirement homes

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