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First Army West

Definition/Scope: First Army’s Division West, in accordance with the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model, conducts training readiness oversight and mobilization of designated active and reserve component forces in the western area of responsibility in order to provide trained and ready forces to regional combatant commanders. Division West supports pre-mobilization training for reserve component forces in accordance with ARFORGEN; assesses and reports pre-mobilization readiness for reserve component forces in accordance with ARFORGEN; conducts mobilization and demobilization operations; conducts counter-improvised explosive device, counter insurgency and escalation of force training; provides command and control over assigned and mobilized forces; and provides operational force protection. After World War II, First U.S. Army headquarters was on Governor’s Island, NY. On January 1, 1966, First and Second Armies merged and First Army headquarters moved to Fort Meade, MD. In 1973, First Army transitioned from an Active Army oriented organization to one dedicated to improving the readiness of Reserve Components. Once again, in 1983, another reorganization took place. Second U.S. Army was reactivated at Fort Gillem, GA, and assumed responsibility for Reserve Component matters in seven states and two territories formerly belonging to First Army. In 1991, Fourth U.S. Army was deactivated and its seven midwestern states became part of First Army. In 1995, First Army left Fort Meade, MD and was reorganized at Fort Gillem, GA. As part of continuing efforts to transform to the future force, First Army announced Aug. 17, 2006, the activation by Oct. 1, 2006, of Training Support Division East at Fort Meade, Md., and Training Support Division West at Fort Carson. The two divisions are two-star commands subordinate to First Army (Training, Readiness, Mobilization). Division East and Division West perform command and control of pre-mobilization training, readiness oversight, post-mobilization training and certification to reserve component units assigned to their geographic areas of responsibility through subordinate training support brigades. Division West is composed of the 21 states west of the Mississippi River. The establishment of Division West eliminated the requirement for the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, which was inactivated in a ceremony at the Mountain Post on Aug. 22, 2006. Major subordinate units include 85th Reserve Spt CMD, 120th, 181st, and the 191st INF Bde, 5th AR Bde, 166th AVN Bde, 402nd and the 479th ART Bde.



Broader Terms:

Army National Guard
First Army

Narrower Terms:

Army National Guard
Fort Carson
Fort Lewis
Fort Mccoy
Fort Riley
Fort Sam Houston
Fort Sill
Mobilization Army Training Center
Travis AFB

Related Terms:

First Army East
Fort Carson
predeployment training

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