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tactical operational scene

Definition/Scope: Tactical Operational Scene (TOPSCENE) is an operational training system consisting of 3D imagery products and infrastructure. The TOPSCENE battlefield visualization system lets aircrew and battle commanders rehearse their missions before going into combat with timely, realistic, real-world images of the contingency area. TOPSCENE provides rapid, accurate database construction for real-time 3D fly-through. TOPSCENE features include a fully scalable open architecture utilizing all Commercial-Off-The-Shelf components. Source Data includes high-altitude, high-resolution photographic and digital source data are combined and processed by the off-site Database Generation System to develop contingency databases. A two-dimensional (2-D), large-area terrain digital map is constructed, draped over polygonized Digital Terrain Elevation Data and enhanced with 3-D cultural data. 3-D Terrain Imagery enhancements permit changes in visibility, time of day, sensor imagery and graphic overlays. TOPSCENE can produce imagery clear enough to see major and minor roads as well as buildings, vehicles, doors, and windows.



Broader Terms:

Digital Training Management System Division
National Simulation Center

Narrower Terms:

computer programs
computer software
computer-based training
map rehearsals
mission planning
terrain mapping

Related Terms:

Advanced Real-time Gaming Universal Simulation
imagery intelligence
predeployment training
Tactical Automated Mission Planning System

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