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Joint Advanced Strike Technology

Definition/Scope: The Joint Advanced Strike Technology (JAST) program office was established in January 1994. Its mission was to define and develop aircraft, weapon, and sensor technology that would support the future development of tactical aircraft. The JAST program initiated conceptual design studies with numerous aircraft manufacturing companies. The objective of these studies was to define a technology maturation program, but was not focused on flight demonstration of a specific aircraft concept. The program subsequently moved from a broad, all-encompassing program to one that would develop a common family of aircraft to replace several aging US and UK aircraft. Its name was changed to Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) in 1996. The JAST program provided focus and direction to strike technology by applying a strategy to task technology analytical process involving an integrated team of users and developers.


Joint Strike Fighter



Broader Terms:

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

Related Terms:

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

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