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non-lethal fires

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-09.42) non-lethal fires and effects are battlefield effects delivered by any means, which do not produce lethal results on the enemy. For the HBCT, confronting an asymmetric adversary requires an expanded application of nonlethal effects. Creating the conditions for success against an asymmetric threat requires the HBCT commander to consider options other than the application of lethal force, and the full integration other combat elements to generate alternative combat power. In the future, projectiles may deliver a broader range of non-lethal effects such as jamming, anti-radiation, incapacitating liquids, and other effects.

Broader Terms:

division artillery
High-Payoff Target
information operations

Narrower Terms:

screen operations
smoke screens

Related Terms:

Military DecisionMaking Process
nonlethal fire support
smoke munitions

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