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Advanced Military Studies Program

Definition/Scope: (CAC) The Advanced Military Studies Program (AMSP) is a graduate-level program of the School of Advanced Military Studies that provides education in military art and science. All enrolled officer students are graduates of the Army Command and General Staff Officer Course or U.S. service-equivalent intermediate level school. Focus is on the military art and science of planning, preparing and executing full spectrum operations in joint, multinational, and interagency contexts. Curriculum combines integrated study of military history, military theory, and execution-based practical exercises, and enables students to develop cognitive problem-solving skills to overcome tough operational challenges at the tactical and operational levels of war. Course emphasizes both command and staff perspectives on military decision making, doctrine, and force employment. State-of-the-art information technologies enable student interaction with the field, and provide an exercise environment for collaborative joint and multinational operations planning. Graduates earn a Masters Degree in Military Arts and Sciences. Following graduation, officers serve twelve-month utilization tour in critical battle staff positions within division or corps headquarters.

Broader Terms:

CAC tenant activities
Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth
Combined Arms Center-Leadership Development and Education
Professional Military Education

Related Terms:

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Army continuing education system
Combined Arms Center-Leadership Development and Education
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