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Advanced Operational Arts Studies Fellowship

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-1) The Advanced Operational Art Studies Fellowship (AOASF) is the capstone program of the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS). Focused at the operational and strategic levels of war, AOASF is a two-year Senior Service College-level course that prepares senior officers for colonel-level command and for operational planning assignments to combatant and service component commands. During year one, fellows follow a curriculum that includes graduate-level study of military art and science, visits to combatant and service component commands, guest speakers, and practical exercises in campaign and major operations planning. Graduates of AOASF may earn a master's degree in Military Arts and Sciences and receive Military Education code 1 (War College level graduate) credit. During year two, fellows serve as faculty members of the Command and General Staff College with particular service as seminar leaders in the Advanced Military Studies Program.



Broader Terms:

Army staff colleges
School for Advanced Military Studies
TRADOC schools

Narrower Terms:

cultural awareness training
institutional training
JIM training

Related Terms:

Advanced Military Studies Program
military education level
officer education system
Professional Military Education

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