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International Sikh Youth Federation

Definition/Scope: In 1984, the All India Sikh Students’ Federation (AISSF) in the United Kingdom started the ISYF as an international branch. It was started by Pargat Singh under the patronage of Jasbir Singh Rode. Rode had arrived in the United Kingdom in August 1984 but, by December 1984, was expelled for publicly advocating violent methods for their separatism campaign. Rode returned to India, where he was imprisoned without trial until 1988. Upon his release, he moderated, now advocating pursuing constitutional changes within India. This created a riff in the UK branches roughly along north/south lines: the northern branches followed Rode’s moderate stance while the southern branches instead followed Dr. Sohan Singh. Since then, ISYF members have engaged in terrorist attacks, assassinations, and bombings against both Indian figures and moderate Sikhs opposing them. The organizations has also collaborated and associated with other Sikh terrorist organizations, including Babbar Khalsa, the Khalistan Liberation Force, and Khalistan Commando Force.



Broader Terms:

foreign terrorist organization

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