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command, control, communications, computers, and information technology

Definition/Scope: (USCG) The United States Coast Guard uses Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT) systems to capture information about suspicious activities and possible threats. The USCG use their available assets as radios and sensors to assist in keeping their internal and external partners connected as a single unit. IAW their mission statement they provide the following services: maintain and provide all voice and data communications capabilities required to accomplish the responsibilities of the District Commander; provide requirements for new telecommunications and IT systems validated by District program managers; develop plans and procedures to assure coordination, uniformity and efficiency in the administration and operation of Coast Guard telecommunications and IT; develop and issue telecommunication and IT plans in support of mobilization and other missions; initiate requests for operational approval via the chain-of command for budgetary information and to make necessary telecommunications and IT plant improvements; establish policy and manage District Staff communications via fixed and portable systems, including telephones, cell phones, pages, VTC capabilities and computers; implement the District-wide security program, plans, policies, and procedures.



Broader Terms:

Department of Homeland Security

Related Terms:

National Defense Strategy
National Response Plan

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