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civil-military operations center

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-90.6) Civil-military operation centers (CMOC) are used to coordinate activities among the varied agencies and organizations operating in an urban area and the local population. The CMOC synchronizes Army activities and resources with the efforts and resources of all other organizations involved. This can be particularly important in stability operations, in which combat operations are not the dominant characteristic of the operation. CMOCs can be established at all levels of command. Hence, more than one CMOC may exist in an AO; this is particularly true in large urban areas. CMOCs may be organized in various ways, and may include representatives from as many agencies as required to facilitate the flow of information among all concerned parties. Commanders still ensure that force protection and OPSEC requirements are not compromised. Effective CMOCs can serve as clearinghouses for the receipt and validation of all civilian requests for support; can aid in prioritizing efforts and eliminating redundancy; can decrease the potential for inappropriate displays of wealth by one or more of the participating organizations; and, most importantly, can reduce wasting the urban commander?s scarce resources. FM 1-02 describes this as a coordination center. (JP 1-02) An ad hoc organization, normally established by the geographic combatant commander or subordinate joint force commander, to assist in the coordination of activities of engaged military forces, and other United States Government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and regional and international organizations. There is no established structure, and its size and composition are situation dependent.

Used For:

civil-military operations centers



Broader Terms:

humanitarian assistance coordination center

Narrower Terms:

Civil Information Management
Humanitarian Operations Center

Related Terms:

civil affairs operations
Civil Military Operation
Liaison Officer
Non-Governmental Organization

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