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Explosives Detector Dog

Definition/Scope: (AR 190-12) The military working dog (MWD) that is no longer capable of dual certification in both patrol and explosives or narcotics can still maintain explosives detection dog functions. Support may include the following: a. explosives detector dog assistance to civil authorities. Department of the Army is not required to provide the services of Army EDD teams to assist non–DOD or civil agencies. However, installation commanders may honor requests for assistance from Federal agencies or civil authorities for such services upon determination that such assistance is lawful, and required in the interest of public safety. (2) DODD 3025.1 authorizes installation commanders to provide explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) service in support of civil authorities. The explosives detection capability provided by trained EDD teams is considered to be an aspect of EOD as defined in AR 75–15. b. Explosives detector dog assistance to non–DOD requests. Installation commanders will adhere to the following guidelines in responding to non–DOD requests for assistance for EDD teams: (1) Requests for assistance should be from civilian governmental, police, fire, or disaster officials. Dog team services will not be provided to private concerns or individuals unless requested by Federal agencies or civil authorities.



Broader Terms:

Military Police
Military Working Dog

Narrower Terms:

civil support
disaster assistance
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
military assistance to civil authorities

Related Terms:

Combat tracker dog
Explosives Detector Dog
Mine Detection Dog
Narcotics Detector Dog
Patrol Dog
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog
Patrol Narcotics Detector Dog
Specialized Search Dog

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