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Patrol Explosives Detector Dog

Definition/Scope: (AR190-12) One of the most effective countermeasures to the increasing use of explosives by terrorists and criminals is the deterrent value and the detection capability of the PEDD team. The PEDDs are trained to detect the odor and presence of explosives and to enhance the commander's ability to protect facilities and resources, prevent crime, and provide law enforcement services. The PEDD teams can be employed in combat and/or force protection and antiterrorism operations worldwide. The task force commander, the MWD program manager, kennel master, detachment NCOIC and plan NCO with military police planners should consider the use of PEDD teams during combat support operations in the areas listed below: internment and resettlement operations; postal operations; checkpoints and roadblocks; cordon and search operations; force protection and antiterrorism operations; suspicious and/or unattended package responses; bomb threats; high–risk personnel searches; access control points; health and welfare inspections; aircraft and luggage searches; Explosives detection is a critical function in protecting life and property. The PEDDs will not be trained to detect any drugs, narcotics, or other contraband substances that are not explosives. (FM 3-19.17) A Patrol Explosive Detection (dog) (PEDD) Military Working Dog (MWD), belonging to all services, which has been trained to detect explosives only. The EDD is capable of performing under the direct control of the handler, on leash or while wearing a harness. This particular MWD has been trained (in addition to other standards) to conduct VIP searches, to be bold but not aggressive, and they are steady under fire. As with other MWD some of the limitations include setting off booby traps, extreme weather or distracting elements in close proximity may lower performance. The deterrent value and the detection capabilities of PEDD teams are a very effective countermeasure to terrorism. Public knowledge that PEDD teams are in use is a deterrent to persons who may try to use explosives illegally. The knowledge that explosives can be detected by PEDD teams at entry points or in places where explosives have been hidden can prevent a person from attempting to commit terrorist acts.



Broader Terms:

kennel master
Military Police
Military Working Dog
US Air Force
US Army
US Marine Corps
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

foot patrol

Related Terms:

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Explosives Detector Dog
Force Protection
health and welfare inspection
law enforcement
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