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Mine Detection Dog

Definition/Scope: (AR 190-12) A Mine Detection Dog (MDD) must be considered an additional detection tool and should only be used after a careful analysis of the situation, climatic conditions, and terrain. The mission of an MDD team is to support mine clearance operations by detecting landmines and other casualty–producing devices. A mine dog's training and superior sense of smell enables him to detect a wide variety of foreign landmines. When combined with the handler's ability to interpret his/her dog's responses and to judge their significance, the team can provide the commander with: a sight picture of the emplacement of all types of mines; a warning of minefields and their boundaries; assistance in the detection of mines missed by other mine detection and clearance assets and/or confirmation of their finds; and trip wire detection when properly trained. All MDD teams are required to complete an in–theater validation prior to beginning military operations. This validation should be conducted by the detachment NCO with assistance from the MDD team leader conducting testing. The MDD teams will have a minimum of 4 weeks train up in the theater of operation which includes validation using local training aids. The in–theater training minefield requirement is a field that has aged for a minimum of 2 months. The validation process provided the in–theater commanders with the reliability and confidence that the dog teams meet required operational detection standards. The MDD is capable of performing under the direct control of the handler, on leash or while wearing a harness. This particular MWD has been trained (in addition to others) to perform searches that reduce areas that need to be manually cleared of mines, to be bold but not aggressive, and they are steady under fire. As with other MWD some of the limitations include setting off booby traps, extreme weather or distracting elements in close proximity may lower performance.



Broader Terms:

Corps of Engineers
kennel master
Military Police
Military Working Dog

Narrower Terms:

area clearance
route clearance patrols
unexploded ordnance

Related Terms:

Combat tracker dog
Explosives Detector Dog
Force Protection
Mine Detection Dog
Narcotics Detector Dog
Patrol Dog
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog
Patrol Narcotics Detector Dog
Specialized Search Dog

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