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Deputy Area Air Defense Commander

Definition/Scope: (FM 44-100) Normally the Deputy is the commander of the Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC) assuming the role of the DAADC because the AAMDC has the necessary personnel and equipment to support the DAADC mission. The DAADC serves as the AADC’s principal advisor and coordinator for theater land-based air defense and TMD operations. The AADC is normally the component commander with the preponderance of air defense capabilities and the command, control, and communications capability to plan and execute integrated air and missile defense operations. His responsibilities will be defined by the JFC. Normally, the AADC performs the following functions: Integrates defensive counterair forces and operations; Develops a database of friendly TMD active defense capabilities to facilitate TMD planning; Develops and executes plans for JTMD active missile defense operations; Develops and promulgates weapon control procedures and measures; Develops and executes plans for dissemination of missile warning information to components, allies, and host nation civil authorities. (DOD JP 3-01) Deputy Area Air Defense Commander for Air and Missile Defense (DAADC[AMD]). When a significant portion of the defensive counterair (DCA) capability is contributed by a component other than that of the area air defense commander (AADC), a senior officer from that component may be designated by the joint force commander (JFC) or AADC as a DAADC(AMD). DAADC(AMD) responsibilities include assisting in area air defense plan (AADP) development, integrating respective component and multinational air and missile defense (AMD) into DCA operations, and advising on rules of engagement (ROE), airspace coordinating measures (ACMs), weapons control measures, air defense warnings (ADW), and respective component AMD operations and capabilities. As the senior Army air defender, the commander, Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC) normally assumes the role of a DAADC(AMD) and advises the AADC on the best distribution of the Army AMD capabilities between the requirements for the theater level defended asset list (DAL) (previously known as echelon above corps) and maneuver forces of the Army forces (ARFOR)/joint force land component commander (JFLCC). As a DAADC(AMD), the commander, AAMDC will deploy personnel and equipment to the joint air operations center (JAOC). Similarly, the Navy forces (NAVFOR) and Marine Corps forces (MARFOR) should be prepared to assign an equivalent position (e.g., Navy air defense commander (ADC) or Marine Corps sector air defense coordinator, respectively) as a DAADC(AMD) when their air defense expertise is required by the AADC/joint force air component commander (JFACC).



Broader Terms:

air superiority
Army Missile Defense Task Force
Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense
US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense
missile threat

Related Terms:

Joint Air Operations Center

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