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Expeditionary Strike Force

Definition/Scope: The expeditionary strike force combines the Navy and naval capabilities of more than one strike group. An expeditionary strike force has increased striking power, enhanced flexibility, and improved responsiveness to permit operations in any threat environment. In large-scale conflicts or non-permissive environments, carrier strike groups, expeditionary strike groups, and surface strike groups, and other forces could combine to form an expeditionary strike force that provides the necessary maritime power projection and combat capability for a wide range of military operations. A baseline expeditionary strike force consists of a carrier strike group and an expeditionary strike group. Other forces (e.g., surface strike groups, maritime prepositioning groups, Marine Expeditionary Brigades, Marine Expeditionary Forces, specific units, etc.) could also be assigned depending upon the combatant commander requirement.



Broader Terms:

US Marine Corps
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

carrier strike group
Expeditionary Strike Group
Maritime Prepositioning Force

Related Terms:

Marine Expeditionary Unit

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