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Assault Breacher Vehicle

Definition/Scope: The Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) is a combat vehicle used to clear mines. The ABV is built on the M1 Abrams tank chassis that utilizes a 15-foot wide plow on the front to plow away mines. The ABV also has two M58 Mine Clearing Line Charges (MICLIC), 350-foot long rocket-launched cords packed with nearly a ton of C4 plastic explosive each, to blast away any low-lying objects in their vicinity. Once a path is cleared, lane markers are ejected from the ABV as it moves along. The ABV is also outfitted with a .50 caliber machine gun for defense.



Broader Terms:

combat engineer equipment
Marine Air-Ground Task Force
tracked vehicles

Narrower Terms:

Improvised Explosive Device
roadside bomb
roadside IEDs
route clearance patrols

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