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Joint Combat Capability Developer

Definition/Scope: (CJCSI 3265.01) The USJFCOM J-88, as the Joint Combat Capability Developer (JCCD), serves as the Department of Defense organization responsible for C2 capability needs and integration across DOTMLPF and policy. These responsibilities include: to execute operational sponsorship (initially GCCS-J Block V and NECC) and capability development responsibilities and provides a dynamic direct coupling of warfighter operational capability requirements to capability material developers to achieve dedicated and continuous, end-to-end, warfighter engagement (concept development through fielding and sustainment) with DOTMLPF and policy integration focus. They will leverage functional working groups (WGs) as required for informational outreach and to execute the JCCD’s mission of requirements development across DOTMLPF and policy. The JCCD will maintain visibility and interact with the WGs to support the transition of GCCS FoS capabilities and development of NECC capabilities. For all issues resulting in non-concurrence, engage the Joint Staff/combatant commands/Services/agencies (JS/C/S/As) at the O-6 level and expeditiously seek to resolve any dissenting positions directly with the submitting organizations, and/or convene a JCCD O-6 Council of Colonels (CoC) to address these issues. They will also convene the JCCD O-6 CoC co-chaired by the JS J39/Command Systems Operations Division (CSOD) and the USJFCOM J88 (JCCD). The JCCD O-6 CoC is a JS/C/S/A O-6--level forum that periodically meets to address capability issues and endorse the way ahead. Members of the JCCD CoC and the C2 Review Board may or may not overlap dependent on stakeholder C/S/A desires. (USJFCOM) U.S. Joint Forces Command’s (USJFCOM) Joint Capability Development Directorate (J8) identifies near-and far-term joint, multinational, and interagency capability gaps and works with other combatant commands, the services, coalition partners and agencies to fill those shortfalls with integrated capabilities. In doing so, the joint capability developer (JCD) advances warfighter effectiveness, improves combat capability and minimizes fratricide by leading the development and transition of joint capabilities, architectures and technologies. The JCD, through its role as the command and control capability portfolio manager (C2 CPM), also leads USJFCOM engagement in DoD C2 requirements, resourcing, and acquisition processes to enable the joint force. USJFCOM serves as the operational requirements sponsor to ensure warfighter C2 capability needs are met. To support this mission, the JCD executes USJFCOM’s C2 CPM responsibilities to provide a joint focal point to orchestrate, integrate and manage designated joint C2 capability portfolio programs. To better enable U.S. forces to fight as part of a joint, combined, multinational or interagency force, the JCD leads DoD efforts to develop joint C2 architectures, data strategies and joint integrated fires enhancements. It also leads efforts to migrate current joint C2 capabilities from legacy systems to agile, objective capabilities operating in a services-oriented environment. USJFCOM J8 is supported by two centers, Joint Systems Integration Center (JSIC) and Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team (JFIIT). JSIC, located in Suffolk, Va., is the system of systems engineering laboratory for analyzing DoD C2 integration and interoperability issues. JFIIT, located at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., conducts joint testing and assessment designed to improve the integration, interoperability and effectiveness of joint fires and combat identification at the tactical level.



Broader Terms:

US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified

Narrower Terms:

doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities

Related Terms:

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