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Inter-American Force

Definition/Scope: (USMC) The Inter-American Force (IAF) was a force that was constituted to restore normal conditions in the Dominican Republic, in maintaining the security and the invioability of human rights to its inhabitants, and the establshment of an atmosphere of peace and conciliation permitting the functioning of democratic institutations. The participating countries were the US, Dominician Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, haiti, and Paraguay. Ita was officially established on 23 May 1965 and designed to assist the government of the Dominian Republic restore order to its country after an internal civil war. It was also known as the Inter-American Peace Force (IAPF).



Broader Terms:

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Organization of American States

Related Terms:

82nd Airborne Division
humanitarian and civic assistance
Inter-American Air Forces Academy
stability and support operations
US Marine Corps

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