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Command and and General Staff Officer Course

Definition/Scope: The mission of the Command and General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC) is to educate and train officers of all services for duty as field grade commanders and as principal staff officers at brigade and division level in their armed forces. Graduates will be able to command battalions, brigades and equivalent sized units in peace or war; train these units to accomplish their assigned missions; employ and sustain weapon and equipment systems in combined arms operations; serve as principal staff officers from brigade to corps and as staff officers of major army, joint, unified or combined headquarters; efficiently manage manpower, equipment, money and time. The CGSC provides a broad base of fundamental knowledge and skills via the core curriculum and develops student intellectual depth and analytical ability. This course has been accredited by the Department of the Army as equivalent to the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College course currently being presented at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. U.S. students attending SOA’s CGSC receive MEL4 and Joint Military Professional Education (JMPE) Phase I designation upon graduation. Scope: The Command and General Staff Course curriculum combines the doctrine and principles of the warfighting functions. The student will know doctrine and tactics, apply techniques, know staff procedures and be capable of serving as a member of, or leading, a high performing staff organization. The course also includes an orientation tour of the United States during which students visit major military installations, service schools, and Washington DC. , as part of the Informational Program. Academic content is oriented to university and postgraduate level of instruction.



Broader Terms:

Command and General Staff School
Fort Leavenworth
military academies

Narrower Terms:

Professional Military Education

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