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Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver

Definition/Scope: The remotely operated video enhanced receiver (ROVER) system allows forward ground controllers to see what the aircraft is seeing in real time. The usage of ROVER greatly improves a forward air controller's reconnaissance and target identification, which are essential to the combat air support mission in Iraq. Before ROVER capability, ground controllers had to rely on “visual talk-ons” to hunt for IEDs, track insurgents or follow suspicious vehicles. The ground controller would have a map to guide the pilots where they needed to go. The ROVER gives the FAC’s more confidence when making decisions such as dropping bombs, because they have the same real-time bird’s eye view as (the pilots) do.



Broader Terms:

Joint Terminal Air Controller
Unmanned Aircraft System
US Border Patrol

Narrower Terms:

situational awareness
target acquisition

Related Terms:

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
C-130 Hercules
F-14 Tomcat
F-16 Fighting Falcon
Forward Air Controller
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