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P-8A Poseidon

Definition/Scope: (USN) The P-8A Poseidon is a modified Boeing 737-800ERX. This aircraft is expected to dramatically improve anti-submarine warfare (ASW), and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) capabilities. It replaces the P-3C Orion as a long-range anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. It will maximize the experience and technology of the Orion but with significant growth potential, greater payload capacity, advanced mission systems, software and communications. It has both active multi-static and passive acoustic sensor system, inverse synthetic aperture/synthetic aperture radar, new electronic support measures system, new electro-optical/infrared sensor, digital magnetic anomaly detector. Its crew member list is: dual-pilot cockpit, five mission crew (plus relief pilot and in-flight technician). its armanment includes internal five-station weapons bay, four wing pylons, two centerline pylons, all supported by digital stores management allowing for carriage of joint missiles, torpedoes and mines. Search stores: rotary reloadable, pneumatically controlled sonobuoy launcher. its communication station is net ready for and compliant for Link-11/Link-16, Internet Protocol, Common Data Link (CDL), FORCEnet. The P-8A will provide more combat capability from a smaller force and less infrastructure while focusing on worldwide responsiveness and interoperability with traditional manned forces and evolving unmanned sensors.

Used For:

Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft



Broader Terms:

Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Related Terms:

commercial off-the-shelf
Link 11
Link 16
P-3C Orion
P-3C Orion Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program

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