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AN/APS-137B(V)5 Radar

Definition/Scope: The AN/APS-137B(V)5 Radar is capable of multimode operation to provide periscope and small target detection, navigation, weather avoidance, long range surface search and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) imaging modes. SAR provides detection, identification, and classification capability of stationary targets. ISAR provides detection, classification, and tracking capability against surface and surfaced submarine targets. The AN/APS-137B(V)5 ISAR provides range, bearing, and positional data on all selected targets, and provides medium or high resolution images for display and recording. The radar was designed for the AIP to provide high-resolution ISAR for imaging and classifying small, fast-moving vessels that operate close to the shore and SAR for imaging stationary ships and boats as well as coastal and overland surveillance. The new SAR mode provides multiple resolution strip map and spot SAR operation, and has high-resolution capability for target ID, battle damage assessment (BDA), and targeting. This system has been redesignated as the AN/APY-10 by the US Navy.

Broader Terms:

P-3C Orion Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program

Narrower Terms:

radar images

Related Terms:

P-3C Orion

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