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Integrated Processing Facility

Definition/Scope: A integrated processing facility (IPF) is a facility that processes and analyzes signals intelligence (SIGINT).The Surveillance Information Processing Facility (AN-TSQ-105(V)), commonly referred to as the IPF, is a manned, ground based, control, data processing and message center. Information is processed and reported to joint consumers via TRIXS broadcast primarily over the Joint Tactical Terminal (JTT) which is a subsystem of the GRCS Data Distribution System (DDS). A typical mission requires the aircraft to orbit to the rear and parallel to the forward line of own troops (FLOT). The IPF sends commands to and receives information from the Airborne Relay Facility (ARF) through a secure data link. The operators in the IPF process the collected information and report the intelligence to the tactical commanders and other possible joint consumers via the JTT relay on board the aircraft.



Broader Terms:

RC-12 series Guardrail Common Sensor

Related Terms:

Airborne Relay Facility
Auxiliary Ground Equipment
Joint Tactical Terminal

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