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41st Fires Brigade

Definition/Scope: The 41st Fires Brigade originally started out as the 41st Artillery (Coast Artillery Corps) on 26 August 1918, and organized at Fort Monroe, Virginia on 1 October 1918. Several months later the unit was demobilized. After numerous activations and deactivations the 41st was re-designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 41st Fires Brigade on 28 March 2006 with a reactivation date of 16 April 2007. Some of their participations include the Pacific Theater as the Hawaiian Railway Battalion, WWII streamer from Fort Hase, HI, and action in the Republic of Vietnam as the 41st Artillery Group earning them 9 additional streamers.

Used For:

Fires WFF


41st Fires Bde

Broader Terms:

Field Artillery
Fort Hood
Multi-National Division - South

Related Terms:

Darnall Army Community Hospital
Fires WFF

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