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172nd Infantry Brigade

Definition/Scope: The 172nd Infantry Brigade (172nd Inf Bde) was originally constituted on 05 August 1917 at Camp Grant, Illinois and was assigned to the 86th Infantry Division. After having gone though several drawdown's and reconstitutions it was reactivated for the last time on 17 April 1998 as the 172nd Inf Bde (Separate) and reflagged the 1st Bde, 6th Inf Div which was headquartered at Fort Wainwright, AL. The 172nd Infantry Brigade, "Blackhawks", consists of infantry, armor, artillery, engineer and logistics battalions. The brigade headquarters is based at USAG Grafenwoehr along with the infantry and armor battalions. The field artillery, engineer and support battalions are currently based at USAG Schweinfurt. The 172nd BCT is the Army's primary armored force. It is designed around three Combat Arms Task Forces that contain both M1 Abrams Tanks and M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The BCT's mission is to close with and destroy enemy forces using fire, maneuver, and shock effect, or to repel his assault by fire and counter attack. As of Jun 2010 the 172nd had the following units: 1st Bn, 2nd Inf Reg; 2nd Bn, 28th Inf Reg; 3rd Bn, 66th AR Reg; HHC 172nd Inf Bde; 57th Sig Co; 1st Bn, 77th FA Reg; 9th Eng Bn; 172nd Sup Bn; E Troop, 5th Cav Reg; and the 504th MI.


172nd Inf Bde

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Multi-National Division - South
US European Command, Combatant Command, AOR/Unified

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