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Active Duty Operational Support

Definition/Scope: (AR 135-210) The Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) Program is an authorized tour of active duty performed pursuant to Title 10, USC, Section 12301(d) and it includes: active duty for training performed at the request of an organizational or operational commander; active duty or ADT performed as a result of reimbursable funding; funeral honors duty performed not in an inactive duty status; and active duty performed by members of the Retired Reserve not receiving regular retired pay. Most tours are only 14 days in length but can go to two years depending upon the position filled and additional military requirements. This term replaced Extended Active Duty (EAD) and Temporary Tour of Active Duty (TTAD). The term Contingency ADOS (CO-ADOS) replaced voluntary active duty formerly known as Contingency EAD (CO-EAD) and Contingency TTAD (CO-TTAD). The term ADOS Reserve Component (ADOS-RC) replaced RC-funded, voluntary active duty formerly known as Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW).

Used For:

Contingency ADOS
Contingency EAD
Extended Active Duty
Temporary Tour of Active Duty



Broader Terms:

National Guard

Narrower Terms:

ADOS Reserve Component
Contingency ADOS

Related Terms:

Contingency EAD
Contingency TTAD
Extended Active Duty
Full-Time National Guard Duty for Operational Support
RC-funded, Active Duty for Special Work
Temporary Tour of Active Duty

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