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Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program

Definition/Scope: The Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP) specifically focuses on the prevention of terrorist attacks and provides law enforcement and public safety communities working with their private partners' funds to support the following activities: 1) Intelligence gathering and information sharing through enhancing/establishing fusion centers; 2) Hardening high value targets; 3) Planning strategically; 4) Continuing to build interoperable communications; 5) Collaborating with non-law enforcement partners, other government agencies, and the private sector. LETPP focuses on prevention efforts, one of the four homeland security mission areas (prevent, protect, respond, recover). Prevention efforts are critical to effective State and local implementation of the National Preparedness Goal. Funds awarded under this grant program directly support nine of the Target Capabilities in the Goal: 1) Planning 2) Community Preparedness and Participation 3) Communications 4) Information Gathering and Recognition of Indicators and Warnings 5) Law Enforcement Investigation and Operations 6) Intelligence Analysis and Production 7) CBRNE Detection 8) Intelligence/Information Sharing and Dissemination 9) Critical Infrastructure Protection.



Broader Terms:

Department of Homeland Security
law enforcement

Narrower Terms:

High-Value Target

Related Terms:

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources
National Fusion Center Coordination Group

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