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Evacuation control center

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-68) The evacuation control center (ECC) supports the DOS, which conducts processing, screening, and selected logistic functions associated with emergency evacuation of noncombatants. The Joint Task Force (JTF) should, however, be prepared to perform functions that are DOS responsibilities, if required. Size and composition of the ECC will be determined by the number of evacuees, evacuation environment, and location of the evacuation area. Of primary importance is the nature of the emergency causing the evacuation; it may be natural, political, or military based. Evacuee processing may take place in-country at an air terminal, onboard ship, or at a temporary safe haven site. Regardless of location, a comprehensive plan for reception and care of evacuees should be implemented. The JFC's primary duties include maintaining order at the evacuation site and supporting the ambassador's efforts to care for noncombatant evacuees.



Broader Terms:

Noncombatant Evacuation Operation

Narrower Terms:


Related Terms:

Aerial Port Of Embarkation
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