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Definition/Scope: (JP 1-02) 1. A form of security operation whose primary task is to protect the main force by fighting to gain time while also observing and reporting information, and to prevent enemy ground observation of and direct against the main body by reconnoitering, attacking, defending, and delaying. A guard force normally operates within the range of the main body's indirect fire weapons. 2. A radio frequency that is normally used for emergency transmissions and is continuously monitored. 3. A military or civilian individual assigned to protect personnel, equipment, or installations, or to oversee a prisoner. (FM 22-6) A term used when referring to - (1) A special unit responsible to the officer of the day for the protection and security of an installation or area. This unit includes a commander of the guard, sergeant of the guard, commanders of the relief, and the guards. (2) An individual responsible to keep watch over, protect, shield, defend, warn, or any duties prescribed by general orders and/or special orders. When used in a correctional sense it is a correctional officer, appointed by the commanding officer of a military installation, is charged with the custody, administration, and treatment of prisoners. Guards are assigned to reliefs by the sergeant or the guard and to posts by the commander of their relief. Guards are not changed from one relief to another without authority. They must memorize, understand, and comply with the general orders for guards. In addition, guards must understand and comply with special orders applying to their particular posts, including the use of the countersign and parole word, if they are in effect. Other variations include to obstruct, impede or slow that advance of another; take precautions or to be watchful for and of.

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general orders
special orders

Related Terms:

color guard
law enforcement
Military Police
sally port
security officer

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