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intelligence collection management

Definition/Scope: (CALL 96-12) Collection operations acquire information about the adversary and battlespace and provide that information to intelligence processing and exploitation elements. Collection management, which occurs at all levels of intelligence, converts validated intelligence requirements into collection requirements; establishes, tasks or coordinates actions with appropriate collection sources or agencies; and monitors results and retasks as required. The primary purpose of collection management is to answer the commander’s Irs while making the best use of scarce intelligence collection resources. (MCWP 2-2) Collection management is, in intelligence usage, the process of converting intelligence requirements into collection requirements, establishing priorities, tasking or coordinating with appropriate collection sources or agencies, monitoring results and retasking, as required.

Broader Terms:

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
joint deployable intelligence support systems
mission analysis
situational awareness

Related Terms:

Central Intelligence Agency
course of action
Defense Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
human intelligence
imagery intelligence
measurement and signature intelligence
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
open-source intelligence
signal intelligence

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