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Coalition Provisional Authority

Definition/Scope: The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) was designed to be an interim government serving from April 2003 till is termination 30 June 2004. The CPA assisted the Iraqi government in assuming responsibility for external and internal security, including their own defense and police forces, and in establishing relationships with regional states and with the international community. It also assisted Iraq to clearly define within a legal framework, the roles and accountabilities of organizations providing security. The CPA assisted the Iraqi government to reconstitute Iraq's infrastructure by maintain a high level of oil production, ensuring food security, improving water and sanitation infrastructure, improving health care quality and access, rehabilitated key infrastructures such as transportation and communications, improve education, and improve housing- quality and access. The CPA was divided into four geographic regions. CPA North was headquartered in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil, CPA Central was headquartered in Baghdad at Saddam’s former Republican Palace, CPA South Central was headquartered in the Iraqi city of Al Hillah near the ruins of Babylon and CPA South was headquartered in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. Each region operated semi-autonomously, and all four had the same common goals for reconstruction of the country. Throughout the existence of the CPA, the security situation and levels of civil unrest throughout the country varied by region, and these variances were reflected in the different levels of program successes within the CPA divisions.

Used For:

Coalition Provisional Authority (Iraq)



Broader Terms:

interim governments

Narrower Terms:

Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (Iraq)
Coalition Military Assistance Training Team
Commanders Emergency Response Program
Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund
Iraqi Governing Council
Iraqi Police Service

Related Terms:

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

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