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Toxic industrial material

Definition/Scope: (JP 1-02) A generic term for toxic or radioactive substances in solid, liquid, aerosolized, or gaseous form that may be used, or stored for use, for industrial, commercial, medical, military, or domestic purposes. Toxic industrial material may be chemical, biological, or radioactive and described as toxic industrial chemical, toxic industrial biological, or toxic industrial radiological. (common usage) Toxic industrial materials, or TIMs, are chemicals other than chemical warfare agents that have harmful effects on humans. TIMs, often referred to as toxic industrial chemicals, or TICs, are used in a variety of settings such as manufacturing facilities, maintenance areas, and general storage areas. Although they are not as lethal as the highly toxic nerve agents, their ability to make a significant impact on the populace is assumed to be more related to the amount of chemical a terrorist can employ on the target(s) and less related to their lethality. None of these compounds are as highly toxic as the nerve agents, but they are produced in very large quantities (multi-ton) and are readily available; therefore, they pose a far greater threat than chemical agents.



Broader Terms:

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear

Related Terms:

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