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Continuation On Active Duty

Definition/Scope: (AR 635-40) Continuation On Active Duty (COAD) is a request that soldiers can apply for provided that they meet all additional requirements. It applies for/to officers on the active duty list, regular Army enlisted soldiers, Active Guard/Reserve, full-time national Guard duty (FTNGD). Some of the basic requirements as outlined in AR 635-40: 15 or more years of service; qualification in a critical skill or shortage MOS; or disability resulting from combat or terrorism. In addition Soldiers must be able to work in a military environment without adversely affecting their health or requiring extensive medical care. They will be periodically re-evaluated to determine if further duty is harmful to their health or detrimental to their interests or the Army's. Soldiers who later incur a service obligation remain liable to complete that obligation up to the expiration of the COAD/COAR agreement. If a Soldier's disability increases to the point that the Soldier is no longer able to perform duty with proper limitations he can apply to be released from the remainder of the obligation. Soldiers need to inform their Army Leadership i.e. Triad, Physical Evaluation Liaison Officer (PEBLO), or Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Soldier Family Management Specialist (SFMS) of their desire to remain in the service, and submit a request through the PEBLO counselor. Application for COAD or COAR can only occur at the PEB subsequent to MEB findings that indicate that a Soldier falls below retention standards and should be considered for separation or medical retirement.



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