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Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell

Definition/Scope: (AFDD 2-1.6) The Air Force component's Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell (PRCC) is the hub of Air Force Personnel Recovery Operations (PRO) activities and is typically located in the joint air and space operations center (JAOC). Air Force units will report all isolating incidents to the PRCC. Even if the joint force air component commander (JFACC) is designated the supported commander for PR, the JFACC should maintain a PRCC capability in order to tend to air component PR responsibilities. The PRCC responsibilities include: initiating and monitoring PRO planning; maintaining real time intelligence information on systems posing threats to PROs; designating isolated personnel report (ISOPREP) control points; obtaining ISOPREP data and evasion plans of action (EPAs) from units; coordinating tasking among Air Force PRO-capable forces; informing the JPRC if JFACC forces are capable of executing the mission; requesting additional recovery forces through the JPRC if Air Force PRO forces are unable to execute the PR mission unilaterally; and coordinating PRO activities with the JPRC, supporting agencies, medical representatives, a variety of other government and non-government agencies, and the requesting unit.



Broader Terms:

Joint Force Air Component Commander

Narrower Terms:

Joint Personnel Recovery Center

Related Terms:

airborne mission coordinator
Combat Search And Rescue
personnel recovery

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