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Definition/Scope: Customs is an office that is responsible for the collection and distributing of tolls or duties that is entering a country. They also control the processing flow of all materials entering the country. A customs inspection is normally conducted with an agriculture inspection to ensure that only authorized animals or produce is introduced intto the United States. They are not responsbile for the passage of personnel as that is the responsibility of the immigration office. Customs can also be used as a descriptive word such as "the customs of the US Army areā€¦.". A custom is an established practice. Customs include positive actions - things you do, and taboos - things you avoid. All established arts, trades, and professions, all races of people, all nations, and even different sections of the same nation have their own practices and customs by which they govern a part of their lives.

Broader Terms:

Department of Homeland Security
Electronic Advance Passenger Information System

Narrower Terms:

Drug Trafficking Organizations

Related Terms:

Aerial Port Of Debarkation
Aerial Port Of Embarkation
Container Security Initiative
Military Police
Seaport of Debarkation
Seaport of Embarkation

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