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Joint Air Ground Integration Cell

Definition/Scope: A Joint Air Ground Integration Cell (JAGIC) is a modular and scalable cell designed to fully integrate and coordinate fires and air operations over and within the division commander's AO. The JAGIC collocates decision making authorities from the land and air components with the highest levels of situational awareness to support the maneuver commander's concept of operations, JFACC objectives and intent, and requirements of JFC designated authorities; e.g. ACA, AADC, etc. This cell collaborates to more effectively execute the mission and reduce risk at the lowest tactical levels. Cell composed of ASOC, TACP, Fires, Intel, AC2, Air Defense, and other elements as required. JAGIC does not replace any of these cells or C2 nodes; it defines the way they integrate organizationally and procedurally to conduct operations. It was previously called the Joint Air Ground Control Cell.



Broader Terms:

joint battlespace management

Narrower Terms:

air tasking order
air-ground integration
Army Air-Ground System
Forward Air Controller
Theater Air-Ground System

Related Terms:

Air Defense Airspace Management/Brigade Aviation Element
Army Air-Ground System
battlespace awareness
operational environment
Theater Air Control System

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