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Warrior Drills

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-21.75) The Warrior drills are a set of core battle drills for small units from active and reserve component organizations across the Army, regardless of branch and it is also used to describe a training method for small units. This method requires training individual, leader, and collective tasks before the conduct of critical wartime missions and provides a foundation for the development of specific objectives for combat. The expanded list of Warrior Drills helps to place the individual Soldiers' tasks (as well as the team) in sufficient context to identify meaningful consequences of individual behavior. It also has individual tasks that develop and manifest the Warrior Ethos and creates opportunities to develop the Warrior Ethos. The drills are: 1. React to Contact (visual, improvised explosive device [IED], direct fire), 2. React to Ambush (Near), 3. React to Ambush (Far), 4. React to Indirect Fire, 5. React to a Chemical Attack, 6. Break Contact, 7. Dismount a Vehicle, 8. Evacuate Wounded Personnel from Vehicle, and 9. Establish Security at the Halt.

Broader Terms:

Warrior Ethos

Related Terms:

Army values
battle drill

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