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Infrastructure and Geophysical Division

Definition/Scope: The Science and Technology Directorate Infrastructure and Geophysical Division's (IGD) mission is to improve and increase the nation's preparedness for and response to natural and man-made threats through superior situational awareness, emergency response capabilities, and critical infrastructure protection. IGD develops technical solutions, modeling and simulation tool and reach back capabilities to improve federal, state, local, tribal, and private sector preparedness for and response to all-hazards events impacting the U.S. population and critical infrastructure. The division also concentrates on developing improved preparedness and response capabilities to protect the nation's emergency responders in the field. In addition, IGD developed capabilities can determine how various scenarios will affect critical infrastructure sectors, they provide decision support tools to guide decision makers in identifying gaps and vulnerabilities, and they develop predictive tools and methods to aid in preparing for and responding to various catastrophes.

Broader Terms:

Department of Homeland Security
DHS directorates
Homeland Security Presidential Directive - 7
Science and Technology Directorate

Narrower Terms:

Critical Infrastructure Protection
Domestic Preparedness Program
risk assessment
risk management

Related Terms:

Borders and Maritime Security Division
Command, Control and Interoperability Division
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Preparedness Directorate

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