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Maneuver support operation

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-90.31) Maneuver support (MANSPT) operations integrate the complimentary and reinforcing capabilities of key protection, movement and maneuver, and sustainment functions, tasks, and systems to enhance freedom of action. The integration and synchronization of MANSPTrelated tasks shape the environment to protect the force, enhance survivability and other protection tasks, enhance mobility and countermobility and other movement and maneuver tasks, provide selected sustainment support, and generally expand the freedom of action of the supported echelon while denying it to the enemy. This allows combat power to be applied at the decisive point and time and facilitates simultaneous combinations at the operational level and rapid transitions at the tactical level. The primary functional branches representing the core of MANSPT operations capabilities are found in the CBRN, engineer; and MP branches, but other critical and essential participation comes from the focused areas of CA and EOD, and in selected situations, the air defense branch.



Broader Terms:

Full spectrum operations
Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense
movement control
Stability operation
support area operation
terrain management

Related Terms:

movement control
personnel recovery
Stability operation
support area operation

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