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support area operation

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-90.31) The MEB conducts support area operations within the echelon support area to assist the supported headquarters to retain freedom of action within areas not assigned to maneuver units. When conducting support area operations, the MEB is in the defense regardless of the form of maneuver or the major operation of the higher echelon. Defensive doctrine, tasks, and TTPs provide a clear framework to conduct area security and defense. Support area operations are conducted by the MEB and tenants to prevent or minimize interference with C2 and support operations, provide unimpeded movement of friendly forces, to provide protection, operations to find, fix, and destroy enemy forces or defeat threats, and provide ADC. Key functions performed in the support area include terrain management, movement, protection (security and defense), and sustainment. The support area may provide critical infrastructure and secondary C2 nodes.

Broader Terms:

Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
Maneuver support operation

Narrower Terms:

Protection WFF
Sustainment WFF
terrain management

Related Terms:

Maneuver support operation
movement control
personnel recovery
Stability operation

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