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Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-90.31) The Army is in the midst of a transformation process to move it to modularity—by adopting the six warfighting functions and creating new and special organizations. One of those new and special organizations is the MEB. As one of the five multifunctional support brigades, the MEB is designed to support division operations (also echelon above division operations within Army, joint, and multinational C2 structures) and to respond to state or federal authorities as a part of civil support operations. The MEB is designed as a C2 headquarters with a robust multifunctional brigade staff that is optimized to conduct MANSPT operations. Maneuver support operations integrate the complementary and reinforcing capabilities of key protection, movement and maneuver, and sustainment functions, tasks, and systems to enhance freedom of action. The MEB contains no organic units other than its headquarters and headquarters company (HHC), network support company (NSC), and brigade support battalion (BSB). An MEB is a combined arms organization that is task-organized based on mission requirements. The MEB is not a maneuver brigade although it can be assigned an AO and control terrain. The MEB receives, commands, and controls forces to conduct operations. These brigades will typically be called upon to control terrain and potentially facilities as well. While the MEB has no direct antecedents in today's force structure, it combines many functions previously performed by the division/corps rear operations centers, division engineer brigade, and other division-level engineer, EOD, MP, and CBRN assets when supporting a division. MEBs provide capabilities to enhance freedom of movement and maneuver for operational and tactical commanders. The MEB has a combined arms staff and C2 capabilities that optimize it for many missions and facilitating necessary and frequent transitions between those missions or in the conduct of multiple concurrent or consecutive missions. MEBs conduct maneuver support operations, support area operations, consequence management operations, and stability operations for the supported force. These four key tasks comprise the core capability for this organization.



Broader Terms:

Functional Brigade
modular force structure
Movement and Maneuver WFF
Protection WFF
Sustainment WFF
TRADOC Capability Manager-Maneuver Support

Narrower Terms:

Maneuver support operation
movement control
personnel recovery
Stability operation
support area operation
terrain management

Related Terms:

Advise and Assist Brigade
Area Security
Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
civil control
civil security
Combat Aviation Brigade
Functional Brigade
law enforcement
Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
Police Intelligence Operations
Sustainment Brigade
terrain management

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