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Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Information Management Systems

Definition/Scope: The Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Information Management Systems (CHIMS) is a family of systems that will enhance counter intelligence/human intelligence analysis at several echelons. The CHIMS will provide interoperability/connectivity to tactical, theater and National systems, storage and manipulation of map and overlays, database management, preparation of intelligence reports, message auto-parsing of selected message types, imagery capability, analyst tools, resource asset management and office/ADP operations. CHIMS is designed to provide automation support for Army tactical counterintelligence and human intelligence (CI/HUMINT) information collection, investigation, interrogation, operation, document exploitation, and force protecting requirements from battalion to echelon above corps (EAC) levels. All components provide CI/HUMINT personnel with the ability to process, analyze, and disseminate collected information of tactical relevancy in a timely manner. Current planning envisions the capability for information exchange between CHATS and the CI/HUMINT Remote Workstations (RWS) located at MI Battalions, and Brigades. In turn, the CI/HUMINT RWS will provide processed information to ASAS CI/HUMINT Single-Source Workstations (CI/H SS WS) at the MI Brigade Analysis Control Team (ACT), and the Division Analysis Control Element (ACE).



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CI/HUMINT All Source Integration System
Counterintelligence /Human Intelligence Automated Tool Set

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human intelligence

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