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Definition/Scope: Providing an electronic support (ES) capability, Prophet creates a near- real-time electronic picture of the brigade/armored cavalry regiment (ACR), Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT), and Brigade Combat Team (BCT) battlespace. Prophet provides intelligence support by reporting the location, tracking, and identity of threat emitters. A secondary mission is electronic attack (EA) against enemy emitters. The currently fielded Prophet Block I ES system is mounted on a High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) with an antenna mast that can be erected quickly. Prophet also has a dismounted man-pack configuration that supports early entry operations. Prophet EA is packaged in a HMMWV trailer towed behind the ES systems, providing both stationary and on-the-move capabilities. Both configurations provide intelligence support to a division, Stryker/heavy/light brigade, regiment, UA, or task force. This intelligence support provides indications, warning, location, tracking, and identification of threat emitters. Prophet will cross-cue other battlefield sensors as well as provide additional information that may confirm intelligence from other manned/unmanned battlefield sensors. Prophet employs an open systems architecture, modular design, and nonproprietary industry standards, supporting evolutionary growth and expansion via circuit card assemblies and software upgrades. This supports the insertion of off-the-shelf technology upgrades to meet theater collection requirements, which has proven effective in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom through quick-reaction fieldings directly supporting the commander’s operational needs. (FM 3-36) The Prophet system is the division, brigade combat team, and armored cavalry regiment principal ground tactical signals intelligence and EW system. Prophet systems will also be assigned to the technical collection battalion of battlefield surveillance brigades. Prophet detects, identifies, and locates enemy electronic emitters. It provides enhanced situational awareness and actionable 24-hour information within the unit?s area of operations. Prophet consists of a vehicular signals intelligence receiver mounted on a high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle, plus a dismounted-Soldier-portable version. The dismounted Soldier portable version is used for airborne insertion or early entry to support rapid reaction contingency and antiterrorist operations. Future Prophet systems are planned to include an electronic attack capability.


Prophet System

Broader Terms:

Command and Control
Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control
intelligence preparation of the battlespace

Narrower Terms:

Analysis and Control Element
situational awareness

Related Terms:

Command and Control

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