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1st Marine Division

Definition/Scope: The 1st Marine Division, an organization within the I Marine Expeditionary Force, is the oldest, largest and most decorated division within the US Marine Corps. Its nickname is "the Old Breed" and it is a multi-role expeditionary ground combat force. The 1st Marine Division is able to provide the ground amphibious forcible entry capability to the Naval Expeditionary Force (NEF) and to conduct subsequent land operations in any operational environment. The 1st MAR DIV is based out of Camp Pendleton. CA. The 1st MAR DIV was activated aboard the battleship Texas and its 1st Marines, a unit of 1st MAR DIV, were formed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on 08 March 1911.



Broader Terms:

Camp Pendleton
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
I Marine Expeditionary Force
US Marine Corps

Narrower Terms:

amphibious operation
ground control element

Related Terms:

II Marine Expeditionary Force
III Marine Expeditionary Force
Inchon, South Korea
Marine Air-Ground Task Force
Naval Expeditionary Force

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