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Directorate of Defense Affairs

Definition/Scope: The Directorate of Defense Affairs (DDA) is led by a U.S. Air Force Brigadier General and advises the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the Joint Headquarters (JHQ) through the MoD and JHQ Advisory Teams (formerly known as transition teams). It also advises the military services through the Coalition Army Advisory Training Team (CAATT, formerly CMATT), the Coalition Air Force Transition Team (CAFTT) and the Maritime Strategic Transition Team (MaSTT). The DDA, the DoIA, the INT-TT and the INCTF-TT focus on building valued relationships with key security ministry personnel, and on-site training and advisory support to their Iraqi counterparts.



Broader Terms:

Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq

Related Terms:

Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (Iraq)
Coalition Military Assistance Training Team
Iraqi Army
Iraqi Police

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