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Naval Station Norfolk

Definition/Scope: The Naval Station Norfolk (NAS Norfolk) was bought in 1917 and was originally named as a Naval Operating Base. In Aug of 1918 it was detached from NOB and became the Naval Air Station Hampton Roads. The name was changed again in July 1921 to Naval Air Station Norfolk. The Naval Operating Base and Naval Air Station, then collectively referred to as Naval Base Norfolk continued their significant role as the home of the Atlantic Fleet after World War II. In January 1953, Naval Operating Base Norfolk was renamed Naval Station Norfolk as part of a Navy effort to standardize base names. On February 5, 1999, NAS Norfolk was disestablished and Chambers Field became part of Naval Station Norfolk. When the 78 ships and 133 aircraft home ported here are not at sea, they are alongside one of the 14 piers or inside one of the 15 aircraft hangars for repair, refit, training and to provide the ship's or squadron's crew an opportunity to be with their families. Naval Station is homeport to aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, large amphibious ships, submarines, and a variety of supply and logistics ships. Port Services controls more than 3,100 ships' movements annually as they arrive and depart their berths. Port facilities extend more than four miles along the waterfront and include some seven miles of pier and wharf space. Naval Station's Nimitz Hall is a major stopping-off point for people destined for ships, aircraft squadrons, and stations overseas. Nearly 9,000 people are processed through the Transient Personnel Unit annually en route to their destinations. Major units to NAS Norfolk include; Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic (SACLANT), Commander In Chief, US Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT), Naval Air Forces, US Atlantic Fleet, Commander Second Fleet, Defense Distribution Center, and the Navy Warfare Development Command.


NAS Norfolk

Broader Terms:

Norfolk VA

Narrower Terms:

Defense Distribution Center
Navy Warfare Development Command
United States Marine Corps Forces Command
US Atlantic Fleet

Related Terms:

Navy Region Southwest

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