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noncontiguous areas of operation

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-90-6) In noncontiguous areas of operation, subordinate units operate in isolated pockets, connected only by integrating the effects of a concept of operations. Noncontiguous areas of operation place a premium on initiative, effective IO, decentralized security operations, and innovative logistics measures. Operations in noncontiguous environments complicate or hinder mutual support of combat, CS, and sustainment elements because of extended distances between subordinate units and elements. The BCT might be required to provide C2 to subordinate battalions and elements over extended distances. This could include deploying battalions individually in support of operations in the BCT's area of influence or area of interest, outside of the BCT’s AO, and securing lines of communication.

Used For:

noncontiguous area of operation

Broader Terms:


Narrower Terms:

search and attack

Related Terms:

find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze
unassigned area

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